About our Facilities


Our auditorium seats 360 and provides:

        Stage  -  30 Feet by 35 Feet from Curtain to front Edge

        Dressing Rooms

         360 seat amphitheatre sytle seating

                 (Note:  Renters are not allowed behind curtains:  Tampering

                   with or use of Stage Drops is STIRCTLY Prohibited)

Dining Hall:

         Dimensions - 60 Feet by 60 Feet

         Twenty Seven 8 Foot Rectangular Tables

         Twenty Four 5 Foot Round Tables

         200 Chairs  (Maximum Seated Capacity 200)

         300 person Fire Code Capacity

          Use of Warming Trays, Refrigeration and Sinks

                  (Note:  Renters are not allowed to cook on premisis.)

For Current Rental Information please contact us at 910-762-6452

Our Facility may be rented for Public or Private functions