Property Sale:

We have received a proposal from the City of Wilmington to purchase 593 square feet of our property on the northwest corner fronting 17th street and a 2,416 square foot temporary construction easement adjacent to that site.


The City plans to build a lighted sidewalk that will meander through the vacant lot on our northern frontage. The proposal from the City including the purchase and temporary use square footage is to pay us $14, 790.00. Since this involves the sale of an asset, it is necessary for the Johnston Blakeley Lodge of Perfection to approve the sale.


The Deputy of the Supreme Council to North Carolina and the Advisory Council have previously approved the presentation of this proposal to the Lodge of Perfection.


The detailed proposal is available for review in the General Secretaries' office.

Property Repair:

Discussions are underway to hire a Project Manager for our Roof Replacement, more to come as the project progresses.

Our next Stated Meeting will be Thursday December 9, 2021   ---   See you there, or on ZOOM

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